This website has been created so everyone can enjoy the magical and wonderful place that Michael Jackson created.....Neverland!
 I am life long fan of Michael Jackson and his Neverland Ranch was always something that really fascinated me. It seemed so magical and a place that truly represented Michael and who he was. I therefore set about making this website in hope that there are other fans like myself who have an interest and love for Michael and the famous Neverland Ranch.
Im sure every single fan of Michael's (and there's plenty of them) have been and are most probably still hoping that Neverland is turned into a place of pilgrimage/memorial, so we can all go and see the place where Michael lived and enjoyed so many happy memories .

Michael purchased the ranch in March 1988 from entrepeneur William Bone for a figure just short of $20 million dollars and lived in the property up until 2005.

Michael went on to spend a reported $35 million on renovating the property into his own private amusement park. The property consisted of many fairground rides, a zoo, a railway staion with working train which took you all over the property, a man made lake, tennis court, cinema theatre and lots more!
I believe this is the place where Michael spent alot of his happiest years and I wanted to share some thoughts, information and pictures with others who can appreciate Michael Jackson and the place he once called home.

If you have any question you are wanting to know the answers to, relating to either Michael Jackson or Neverland Valley Ranch please feel free to contact me in the Contact Us section of this website and I will try my best to provide you with the answer.

I hope you enjoy this site!